Seeds Of Greatness: BLAZE

Lets Blaze it,

Introducing Pittsburg’s very own talent, he is a young man who has established a brand holding the title of CEO, producer, content creator and clothing designer for his business Ribirth Entertainment. Just as the founder himself Ribirth Entertainment is a brand with many creations such as Ribirth University, Ribirth clothing Co., and Ribirth films. Having the idea of creating this brand back in 2002 Blaze had some obstacles and put that thought on hold. He finally brought his idea to fruition in the years 2013/2014. The name Ribirth comes from that experience in which he came into his own getting that second chance and bringing to life an idea he had once left undone. He has become the epitome of “fully embodying your brand” allowing the second chance to give him the opportunity to share his space with other artists. He has created a collaborative environment with those who share his same ideology all while incorporating all of their best talents and abilities to make the ultimate experience for their audience. Looking at the bigger picture and doubling up the effort all artist’s involved in the projects complement each other’s flow. Blaze was influenced by many artists some of which he works with now watching them move and push their own projects encouraged him to take up all the positions he holds for Ribirth Entertainment. Blaze isn’t only limited to his musical projects, he also has a fall line on the market for his Ribirth Clothing Co. now available within his network stores. To experience timeless music, timeless projects with timeless people who are creating something greater than themselves. Be sure to follow and keep up through all his social media pages.

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